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Cinematic Titantic riffs on 'Alien Factor' in live DVD

The B-movie commentators of Cinematic Titantic turn their Cinematic Titanticobservations on Dohler's first film, 1977's The Alien Factor, in a new live performance DVD. Titantic is the latest project of Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson, who continues that popular cable show's format of live performers dishing out satire during the screening of low budget films.

Sample wisecrack: "Filmed entirely on location on planet Earth; and more specifically Baltimore; and even more specifically Don Dohler's basement."

Timewarp Films: The company under which Dohler made his last films with partner Joe Ripple. The company is still producing films. They also sell films, books and magazines directly.


Lambiek: Underground Comix

Blood, Boobs & Beast: Dohler documentary

Don Dohler on Facebook

Count Gore DeVol: Former TV personality and veteran of Dohler films Dick Dyszel

John Kinhart blog: Blood, Boobs & Beast filmmaker

Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking

Tales from the Cellar

Scared Stiff Reviews: Interview with Greg Dohler

Monster Movie Music: The Alien Factor score


Baltimore Sun obit

Interesting Alien Factor cartoon from Canadian artist, writer and musician Rick Trembles





‘Nightbeast’ on ‘30 Rock

Judah Friedlander


Comedian and actor Judah Friedlander, who plays Frank Rossitano on the NBC comedy 30 Rock, appeared in a January episode bearing the name of Don Dohler's third film Nightbeast on one of his signature trucker hats. Months earlier Friedlander wrote to the website: "I'm a big fan of your dad's work and would like to give him a shout out." Turns out Friedlander was born in Dohler's home state of Maryland, and the two spoke on the phone when Friedlander was in high school in the '80s.

Friedlander wrote about his appreciation of Dohler and Nightbeast on his 30 Rock blog. Replicas of Judah's 30 Rock hats are avaliable through Zazzle.

Watch the 30 Rock Nightbeast episode Winter Madness on Hulu.

Don Dohler; Blood, Boobs, Beast; J.J. Abrams

Dohler documentary on DVD

Filmmaker John Kinhart's documentary on Don Dohler, Blood, Boobs & Beast, has been released on DVD by legendary indepenedent film distributor, Troma (The Toxic Avenger). The film offers a comprehensive look at Dohler's film and publishing career. Interview subjects include director and producer J.J. Abrams (Lost), whose first job in movies came at the age of 16 when he composed music for Dohler's 1982 film, Nightbeast, which is included as a bonus disc.



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